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Jake August 29, 2013 2 Sphero 2.0 / General

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Mike September 20, 2013 Sphero 2.0 / Sphero 2.0 Apps FAQ

A: Please first attempt to reset your Sphero.  Place Sphero on its charging base and press the button on the side of the charger while removing Sphero from the charger.  To verify Sphero is reset, try tapping to wake.  If Sphero does not wake, reset is successful.  Place back on the charger to activate.

Next please reboot your device, this clears the Bluetooth cache.  Then power back-up, re-launch the app, and try to connect again.  If you're still not able to connect, please email support@gosphero.com

Mike September 16, 2013 3 Sphero 2.0 / Sphero 2.0 Hardware FAQ

A: It is necessary to reset the Bluetooth connection on your device.  If Sphero is not recognized in your Bluetooth list, or is not pairing when selected, please turn your device off completely.  For iOS, hold down the sleep button until the slider appears to turn off.  Slide to off, leave off for 60 seconds, and turn back on.  Pairing should now be successful.  It make take a number of attempts to connect, but you should be able to. 
For Android devices, hold down the sleep button until prompted to restart or shut down.  Shut down, leave off for 60 seconds, start back up.  You'll be rolling in no time.  If that does not work, try hard rebooting your device (like you would if your phone froze) and you should be able to connect. 

Mike September 16, 2013 Sphero 2.0 / General

** PLEASE NOTE: The holiday response for Sphero has been outstanding! Thank you all for your support!  As such, the Orbotix team is working to process all orders as quickly as possible, but orders may be delayed by a day or two while we handle the volume.  Thank you for your understanding.** 


A: If you order your Sphero Original or Sphero 2.0 from http://www.store.gosphero.com, your order will process same day if submitted before 1PM Mountain Standard Time.  If submitted after this threshold, your Sphero will ship the next business day.  You will receive tracking information as soon as your Sphero starts its journey to your door.